Welcome into continual discovery of your resplendent nature. Rewilding Within is a restoration into the uncultivated, natural,

pure state.

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Rewilding Immersions


Audios, videos, & tutorials

online & downloadable

Meditation Immersion 

Immersion into the 8 essences of meditation & creative process. Fly high, move mountains, & spelunk within. Auspicious changes are calling!

Chakra Yoga Flow & Meditation

Align body, mind, & heart from the subtleties within the chakras. Daily practices merging vitality with relaxation.

Joy of Sleep

Experience the simple joy of being alive... then letting go... allowing rejuvenation, rest, & rebirth. Welcome the treasures of the night with yoga & meditation.

Private Session with Shelley

A private session is a deepening, self-nourishment, time to be heard & seen fully for the beauty & creativity you truly are.

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The Ecstasy of Practice

Each of the 44 meditations includes a breathing practice, meditation, and mantra... now available as an audiobook.

I experienced a deeper sense of love and peace and accessed parts of myself which left me feeling so full I wanted cry tears of joy. Shelley artfully guides the participant through a journey of gentle awakening that feels easy and natural. This practice is a feast of delight, play, and discovery that filled my heart with gratitude and understanding. Every detail of the format is perfection.

Listen to a sample meditation:


Rewilding Within Testimonials

Each of the meditations reveals a deeper truth about life that places me in a more trusting and liberated state ~ which I then bring to the thrilling and mundane messiness of living. ~ univeristy professor

After practicing I experienced a deeper sense of love and peace and accessed parts of myself which left me feeling so full I wanted to cry tears of joy. ~ artist 

I loved today's meditation ~ especially the idea of being light, feeling, inhaling and tasting it. I've never approached light that way and it was so wonderful. I became light and throughout the day intentionally sent it to everyone I encountered. ~ chef & health coach


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