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Rewilding Within is tending the inner garden, which bears fruit in your external world.

We carry inside the wonders

we seek outside. 

~ Rumi

Wellness resources and gifts ~ your complete guide.


through wonder & curiosity

nurture & heal

Yin Yoga ~ the art of letting go, harmony within.

Yin Yoga

The Tao of Yoga ~ Yoga for each of the meridians, healthy emotions in the organs, deep stretching and sleep aid.

The Ecstasy Of Practice ~ yoga and meditation for the happiness within.
Beauty Yoga ~ a profound journey into yoga of the heart.

Slow Flow

14 delightfully diverse slow flow

yoga & meditation sessions

plus many more chill out gifts. 

Beauty Yoga

Ancient yoga and meditations on beauty. Awaken your inner radiance with yoga of the heart. 

private session_edited.jpg

Private Session

catapult into a new place 
with private yoga, meditation, or coaching

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