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Auspicious Events

Enjoy these suggestions as we find our way

day by day into a giving centric life ~

more simple, intentional, innovative, inclusive, repairing, and sharing.

The Mystic Place  ~ Join an Ekam Circle any day of the week, daily morning and evening meditations ~ global communities of deeksha, meditation, and reflection. 

Health Meditation a profound video of ayurvedic color, breath and more for strong immunity

Ekam Swasti blessings from Ekam for anything with heartfelt intent aired live daily via youtube 5:30 pm pacific


My favorite meditation app Breathing Room

Each month two amazing online events Create live from India Satyaloka & Manifest live from PK Consciousness both three hour exploration and meditation experiences


Aalaya Darshan, a twenty minute excursion to a different sacred site in India where you can participate in an ancient ritual. Daily 11:11 pm pacific time, live only, on YouTube.

Deeksha Yagna a wave of awakening ~ be the change ~ online monthly live process with Sri Bhagavan ~ membership is for the entire year! Amazing! 


Yoga & Meditation Immersions 
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