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Excerpts from Shelley's
Dance Career

More than half my life has been immersed in the art of dance. The gratitude I have for this ephemeral expression of the soul is boundless. This creative foundation guided me into my next chapter of rewilding. It is my joy to explore and share with you the arts of yoga and meditation. 

~ Shelley

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Shelley Cummins Shehab

founder of

Rewilding Within

From my heart, warmest welcome. Rewilding Within is restoration through yoga & meditation into the uncultivated, natural, pure state.


Some Details of the Journey

As well as providing Rewilding Within courses Shelley teaches meditation and yoga at the University of California San Francisco. She is the author of The Ecstasy of Practice now available as an audiobook on Audible,  Apple Books, Amazon as well as Peaceful Journey A Yogi's Travel Kit by Barron's Publishing.


Shelley was a founding member of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Integrative Medicine Department in NYC for eight years where she developed yoga programs, taught private sessions for patients, and co taught Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. She received a two year grant to work with Alzheimer patients easing anxiety through movement at the Sara Neuman The New Jewish Home. Shelley also taught dance, yoga and meditation to emotionally 

challenged children for two years at Weill Cornell Psychiatric NY. 


Auspiciously Shelley studied meditation with Dalai Lama as well as Rinpoches of Karma Triyana Dharmachakra monastery. She completed a year long study at Kauai Hawaii's Hindu monastery in Saivite Hinduism. She is trained in guided imagery from The School of Remembering in Sedona, AZ. Shelley is certified in  Self Awakening Yoga, Yin Yoga and Laughter Yoga. Since 2006 to current day Shelley studies and volunteers for the Oneness Ekam Center based in Andhra Pradesh, India. She is profoundly grateful to be under the tutelage of Sri Amma Bhagavan, co founders of Ekam. 

Shelley's first career was a ballet dancer in NYC for thirteen years. 
Prior she received a full dance scholarship to the University of Arizona and danced professionally with Ballet Arts alongside her studies. Her last year of school she attended University of London and Ballet Rambert Conservatory in England.

In NYC Shelley danced with Balinese American Dance Theater fusing Balinese dance with ballet, New American Ballet, Battery Dance, Alice Farley Dance Theater as well as performing in musicals: Phantom of the Opera, On Your Toes and South Pacific.  


She directed a pre-professional dance company for high school students at State University of NY at Purchase for three years and was an educational teaching artist for NYC Ballet for two years. While in her ballet career Shelley trained in Pilates with Fran Lehen, one of the original American students of Joseph Pilates, and taught pilates in her Ground Floor Studio upper west side Manhattan. In the latter part of her performing career, Shelley trained privately for three years with Master CK Chan in Tai Chi Chuan, La Hok Ba Fa, and double edged sword form. Master Chan guided her in transitioning from ballet to qi power of inner awareness enhancing her career and character greatly. She also trained with Master Peng in the Twelve Cycles of Qigong and Yi Jin Jing.

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